Getting Started

We offer both telehealth (video/phone) and in-person sessions.


Step #1 - Schedule an appointment

Free 15-20 minute visit available (if desired) to meet/chat and see if we're a good fit.

Step #2 - The first full session ~ what you can (generally) expect

This session is used for the intake or assessment process where history and background information is gathered and reviewed. This is important because nobody is born into or grows up in a vacuum. We are all influenced - in positive and/or negative ways - by our parents or primary caretakers, friends & classmates, teachers, religious or spiritual leaders, coaches, etc., and we learn to interact with the world and one another according to what we were taught. Not everything that was helpful as a child is still helpful today, yet we may still use old skills/behaviors to deal with current issues. This process can also help to identify strengths and skills that will be helpful during treatment.


You will have time to share your most pressing concerns but we generally won't be able to explore them in depth until the 2nd or 3rd visit.


You will be asked questions about your health and the last time you saw your doctor because physical issues can contribute to psychological troubles and vice-versa. It's always a good idea to check in with your doctor prior to starting therapy, especially if you haven't had a physical exam in the last year.

Step #3 - 2nd session ~ treatment planning

         During this visit we will look at the symptoms that are causing the most disturbance for you, and

         together we will set goals to address the symptoms and explore options to reduce or eliminate the

         level of disturbance of various issues.

Step #4 - Keep coming back

        Therapy works when we work at it. It is a collaborative process that requires both the therapist and the

         client to be actively engaged. It is often best if you can arrange weekly sessions, at least at least in the

         beginning, but other options are available according to what you can manage.

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